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V R Dental Clinic Kukatpally is the best dental clinic in Hyderabad with the experienced dentist, providing high rated services at affordable cost.


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Imagine being able to replace your lost tooth, not with removable dentures, but with an implant that looks and feels just like a normal, secure tooth. With dental implants from our dentist, you can accomplish this. This procedure has become a popular option in dental reconstruction, with over more than a thousands implants placed every year in the Hyderabad. With their natural appearance and strong fit, dental implants can be your answer to repairing your smile.

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Have you ever heard about the dental procedure and hygienic treatment? Is there any difference between the both? 

                     If yes, what is the difference between the two treatments? According to me, there is a huge difference between the dental procedure and hygienic dental treatment. The people do not like visiting unhygienic hospitals near by. The hygiene of the hospital clearly determines the quality of service you will get. 

                      After all, if a dentist cannot keep their clinic clean then how they can keep the oral cavity clean. After all, even a single germ can cause dreadful infection to the patient.

Hygienic treatment

First, the patient has to remove the shows out of the operation. By following this measure, foot hygiene can be ensured.

The second step involves the proper cleaning of the instruments, which has to be used during the operation or procedure. The instruments have to be cleaned manually so that the residue and deposits are removed from them easily. After this, a proper cleaning with the ultrasonic cleaner should be done. After that all instruments are made sterile in an autoclave. 

A COMPLETE FAMILY clinic in kukatpally

A one-stop solution for all your dental worries! Looking for a family dentist near me /in Kukatpally?

Experienced and qualified Implant specialist,  Dr Vyshnavi is known giving quality and caring services.  Making you feel relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. The main objective of our doctor is to utilise modern technology and equipment. This pertains a comprehensive dental care solution to you and your family.

Our goal is to make sure you leave with a smile! One of the most reputed dental clinics in Kukatpally, KPHB near by for beautiful, healthy and brighter smiles.

State of the art facility & equipment

We do provide the best of ambiance, recent advancement and evidence based updated treatments. This include latest LASERS, globally acclaimed Dental Implants, Digital X-rays and branded consumables.

We now do restorative cosmetic procedures, treat sleep disorders, provide nutritional counseling and even perform oral cancer screenings. We provide quality practices designed to make your in-office experience more comfortable and rewarding. This will help you leading to a better smile, regain confidence levels, and improved health for many years to come. 

Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

Being Maxillofacial Prosthodontist our doctor specialize in various kinds of replacement work. This includes removable dentures, complete dentures, ceramic and metal bridges, laminates, and advanced implants, teeth whitening and cosmetic (beautifying) procedures. Here, our motto is to make your visit friendly, convenient and make whiter, brighter and healthier smile at affordable prices.

Best Dental clinic Kukatpally| services

At V R Dental clinic in Kukatpally, we have a complete team of specialists in different fields of dentistry. They include Orthodontist, Implant specialist, Endodontists, Prosthodontists, Oral surgeon, Pedodontist. We offer a superior variety of care right from the initial consultation to treatments of complicated cases.

We are thrilled you’’ve chosen us to be your oral health care provider,– a task we do not take lightly. Above all, you, the patient, take top priority among our office staff. We take great strides to ensure that each visit you experience with us is comfortable, convenient and professional.

Our experienced doctors along with their skillful practice to provide the best quality dental care. We use the latest equipment to make your time in the stress-free, quick, and comfortable. while receiving treatment on our dental chair.

Why would I need to see a dental specialist?

All dentists fall into one of two groups: general dentists and dental specialists. General dentists have a degree in the general aspects of dentistry. This enables them to provide a broad range of dental care. They do regular checkups, teeth cleaning, repairing damaged and decayed teeth. 

Dentists should be your first point of call for general teeth and mouth issues. This is just like your family doctor who treats for your general medical concerns.

General dentists do refer to specialists, the cases where a patient has a difficult dental situation. General dentists and specialists work together as a team to provide comprehensive and tailored care for each patient.

Dental specialties explained

Dental specialists, have both a general dental degree and a further postgraduate degree of at least three years. In all, there are 8 fields of dental specialists in India, including oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, paediatric dentistry, perio and prosthodontics.

Our Clinic serves general practice as well as specialist services. Specialists practice include dental implants, invisalign , laser gum treatment etc. with qualified doctors. .All of our team work together in the same comfortable location at Kukatpally. This is not only for better convenience of the patient but also to ensure the highest level of integrated clinical care.

Specialist Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist specialises in the restoration and replacement of teeth. They have specialist understanding of the dynamics of a smile, the preservation of a healthy mouth. They have solid expertise in the creation of replacement teeth and jaws; crowns, bridges, veneers, implants and dentures. Different types of bridges such as long span, short span, Cantilever, maryland, implant supported bridges are offered by specialists.

After completing a four to five year dental degree with honours, prosthodontists undertake a further three years of specialised training. Prosthodontists work closely with dental technicians. This further ensure that each custom-made prosthesis is natural looking, attractive and comfortable enough to wear everyday.

You may be referred to see a prosthodontist for:

  • Placing complete fixed crowns or bridges on teeth;
  • Placing colour-matched veneers on to teeth to conceal defects;
  • Teeth damaged by decay, trauma, erosion or general wear and tear
  • Changing the shape of teeth or closing gaps using bonding technology
  • Cosmetic dentistry to bleach discoloured teeth to brighten and whiten your smile.
  • Treatment and recreating teeth and jaws for patients with birth defects. Such as cleft palate, TMJ disorders, traumatic injuries and complex restorations for patients who have undergone treatment for cancer.

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Please utilize this website as informative and educational purpose. It helps you better understand your course of treatment and answer. Located in Kukatpally, KPHB near by.  With good dentists near me in our clinic, come visit our dental clinic today.

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We believe in painless dentistry, we have all specialist working under one roof so you will get quality treatment absolutely painless. Professional Dentist, International Standard Treatment and personalized care make V R Dental clinic best in dentistry in the Kukatpally.

Root canal treatment is no more painful. Medical technology these days has made almost every dental treatment painless and so the root canal treatment is. You will surely go through a pain-free experience during your dental visits. Endodontists with modern techniques and anesthetics, ensure that their patients are comfortable during the procedure.

Children, teens, and adults should visit the dentist for a regular checkup at least once every six months. Patients who are facing oral cancer or gum disease at higher risk should visit the dentist more than just twice a year. Your doctor will suggest that how frequently you should visit the dentist for regular checkups.

Loosing your teeth can be painful. But this problem can be resolved by Dental Implants. The most experienced Dentists at V R Dental Clinic Kukatpally will provide you a comfortable, attractive substitute to your natural teeth. It enables you to live a confident life with an enhancing smile.


Teeth whitening restores natural tooth colour and bleaching whitens beyond the natural colour. The cost here is affordable and facilities are at par with some of the best in India.

Missing tooth/side of the gap/teeth can be replaced with the porcelain bridge. Gap closure in the anterior teeth can be achieved with Direct Resin Bonded Materials.

A tooth broken can be repaired with either direst composite bonding materials or indirect laminates. Every patient has to be evaluated with through diagnosis and examination to determine suitability and prognosis.

Regular dental hygiene proves an effective way of keeping yourself and your family away from tooth decay and gum diseases. Our patients enrol for 3-6 monthly smile dental care / maintenance program where we examine them, clean and scale, floss, fluoride treatments and if necessary x-rays.

Smile makeover involves a series of procedures performed to bring out that perfect smile, depending on existing condition of the teeth. Some of the major procedures performed are veneers, implants, inlays, shaping, whitening.

Know the prerequisites for Dental Implants and affordable costs. For a healthy smile is a sign of wellness and good personal hygiene.

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We have good Endodontists, trained in Cosmetic Dentistry and at affordable costs. Feel free to contact for a consultation.

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Patients coming in and out of Hyderabad for a short duration are offered quick and longer appointments in Kukatpally. Their dental needs are attended to even on a short notice.